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Dhindora‌ ‌Episode‌ ‌3‌ ‌Review‌

Like the first 2 episodes of the Dhindora series, the third episode of this series is also quite entertaining, although the length of episode 3 is about 16 minutes which is a little less but still you will love this episode. The special thing about this series is that the elements of this series like tremendous entertainment, good humor, over-the-top comedy, and unmatched acting of all the actors, are seen consistent.

In Episode 3, many such dialogues have been included which make us meet reality and when you hear such dialogues, a smile will come on your face and you will be able to relate a lot to these dialogues.

In Episode 3, the story of Bablooji winning the lottery to his memory loss is shown ​i.e. Episode 3 is full of flashbacks. In episode 3, two characters have been introduced, out of which the first character is of Titumama and the second character is Mr. Hola. However, more screen time is given to Mr. Hola than Titumama in this episode as Titumam is shown at the end of the episode who is in a big trouble

If we compare the third episode with the first 2 episodes, then in the third episode we get to see a little less amount of humor but it is compensated by some such dialogues given in this episode which makes us think.

After watching the third episode of Dhindora, now the fans’ excitement is very high about the fourth episode because in the fourth episode we will get to see Titumama who is everyone’s favorite.

Overall Dhindora episode 3 is awesome and you shouldn’t miss it at all.

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