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Hind Warfare Early Access Release Date

Hind Warfare is an upcoming Indian game that is coming on all three platforms PC, Console, and Mobile. In this article, we are going to give you information about this game and will also tell you about the release date of this game.

We can keep Hind Warfare in the genre of a multiplayer shooter game because this game fits in the same category. This game is completely based on India i.e. in this game we get to see characters based on Indian Soldiers. If you have played the popular CS:GO game, then Hind Warfare will also give you a similar experience.

In this game, you get to see many different commandos such as Sharika, Jatayu, Abheek, Waazi, Rudra, and Fateh, it may happen that in the future by the developer, other Komondos will also be added to the game. All these commandos present in the game have a different story and also all these commandos have their different abilities.

At present, total 4 multiplayer maps are seen in the game, which have been created according to Indian locations.

Vizag Port – This is a real port that exists in India and at present, this port is the third-largest port of India. If we talk about the establishment of this port, then this port was built in 1927 and today this port plays a very important role for India.

Kuldhara – This place is present in the Rajasthan state of India and if we talk about the history of this place, then about 300 years ago there used to be a beautiful village at this place but due to a mysterious incident, ​the people of this village had left this place and since then this place is a ghost village. During 300 years many people tried to settle here but no one could stay here because according to the report paranormal activities are felt at this place

Mawphanlur – This is a lush green forest found in Meghalaya, India. The reason for this forest being green is that the place where this forest is present is a water-rich area, due to which it is a dense forest. Players are going to like this map very much because it is very easy to hide in this map.

Paharganj – This is an area that comes in the capital of India, Delhi. This place is very famous for its affordable hotels. You can get food at a very cheap price at this place.

Because this is a multiplayer shooter category game, for this reason, we also get to see many weapons in this game.

Hind Warfare

If we talk about the release date, then according to the developer, the game’s Early Access will be released on Google Playstore on October 30. On October 30, this game will be launched only for Android, i.e. PC and Console players will have to wait a bit.

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