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Dil Bekaraar Web Series Review

A new Indian web series has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar named Dil Bekaraar. This web series is based on a novel called “Those Pricey Thakur Girls”. In Dil Bekaraar you will get to see a total of 10 episodes whose length is around 30 to 35 minutes.

If we talk about the story, then in this series the story of the Thakur family residing in Delhi has been shown. Thakur family consists of husband wife and their 5 daughters and the story of this series revolves around these 5 daughters of the Thakur family.

The idea of this series is quite good because the time of the 80s has been recreated in this series. The era of the 80s in the series has been well created as everything from the clothes to the buildings is similar to the era of the 80s.

Although there are positive points as well as negative points in this series. If we talk about the negative points, then the era of the 80s has been created well in this series, but the acting and accent of the actors present in the series are of the modern age, due to which the feeling of the era of the 80s does not come as well.

Although it is a family-based series, but in this series, we also get to see romance and along with this, politics has also been shown in many places. Due to this mix of family drama, romance, politics, and sitcom in a single series, this series has become like a cocktail that could not live up to any of its aspects.

If we talk about the final verdict, Dil Bekarrar is an average web series that can be watched once for entertainment. If we talk about parental guidelines, then this series cannot be watched sitting with family because many abuses have been spoken in this series.

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