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Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update All Advancements and How to Complete them?

There are only a few days left for the release of Minecraft‘s upcoming important 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part-2 update because 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part-2 will be released on November 30 on all platforms. We will get to see a lot of new things in this 1.18 update of Minecraft, if you want to know full details about 1.18 update then you can know by clicking on the link given below.

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In this article, we’ll talk about the new Advancements that come with the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part-2 update and will also tell you how you can unlock those brand new Advancements. A total of 4 new Advancements are going to be added in the 1.18 update which includes Caves & Cliffs, Feels like home, Sound of Music, and Star Trader.

Feels Like Home

Feels like home Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

You may have some difficulty unlocking the Feels Like Home advancement because players will have to catch and ride the Strider to unlock this advancement.

Once you’ve found the Strider, you’ll also need a saddle to ride on it. By placing the saddle on the Strider, you have to take it to the Overworld. When you arrive in Overworld with Strider, you’ll have to find lava there and you have to ride the Strider on the Lava

You’ll need a total of 50 lava blocks to ride the Strider on the Lava. Remember one thing that keeps the strider away from water.

Caves & Cliffs

Caves & Cliffs Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

It is easy to achieve this advancement because to achieve this advancement, you have to jump from a very high height into a deep hole made in the ground.

You can use blocks to jump from heights. Now this question must be coming in your mind that how much height and how much depth will be required to complete this advancement? The answer is very simple.

If we talk about height, then you have to jump from height (y320) and if we talk about depth then you have to dig a hole deep in the ground till (y-64). Remember that Caves & Cliffs advancement will be achieved only if you fall from y320 a height and fall straight into a y64 deep hole and stay alive, that is, if you do not survive the fall, then this advancement will not be completed.

To avoid the fall you have to put water on the bottom of the hall.

Star Trader

Star Trader Advancements In Minecraft 1.18

To complete this advancement, you have to trade with one villager, although this task may sound easy but it is not.

Actually, you have to trade with the villager at the same height as required to complete the Caves & Cliffs advancement.

Sound of Music

To complete this advancement, you have to find the Mountain Meadows biome. If you do not know, then let us tell you that in the 1.18 update of Minecraft, we are also going to see the brand new Mountain Meadows biome.

Now this question will come to your mind that how to find Mountain Meadows biome? Actually, the Mountain Meadows biome is covered with many colorful flowers which are easy to identify. After finding the Mountain Meadows biome, you have to play music there with the help of a jukebox. As soon as you complete that task, this advancement will also be unlocked.

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