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BGMI Restrictions Full Details

BGMI i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently the most popular and most played mobile game in India. You can guess the craze of this game in India from the fact that BGMI game was released on 1st July 2021 on Google Playstore and today in a very short time this game has been downloaded more than 50 million times from Google Playstore.

These figures of BGMI’s success reflect the growth of the gaming community in India. It is a good thing that the release of BGMI has given a boost to the Indian gaming community but it cannot be denied that every coin has two sides. If BGMI has given Opportunities and Happiness to many people, then on the other hand there are many people who are addicted to this game too.

At present, there are many people in India who spend most of their time playing only BGMI game and the worse thing happens when irresponsible and careless people become victims of accidents while playing the game. Actually, recently two teenage boys living in Mathura, India were playing online games on the train track with headphones in their ears, both of those boys were so engrossed in the game that they did not realize the arrival of the train and the train went away after hitting those two boys.

These incidents of accidents and increasing addiction of online games in people affect not only addicts but their families as well and an initiative is being taken by BGMI’s developer Krafton to tackle the same thing.

Recently a video has been uploaded on BGMI’s official youtube channel titled “Game Responsibility”. In this video, the developers have introduced some restrictions of the BGMI game that will help counter the growing addiction of the game.

If you are under 18 years of age then these restrictions of the BGMI game will apply to you.

Children below 18 years of age cannot play this game for more than 3 hours and with that now a new feature has also been added to the game, according to which now children below 18 years of age will need OTP to play the game which will go to their parents when parents give that OTP to their child only then he/she will be able to play the remaining BGMI game.

Along with OTP, a feature has also been added in the game that when children below 18 years of age play the game more than a certain time limit, their parents will get a notification, due to which parents will be aware of how long their child has played the game.

These were some of the new restriction features coming in BGMI which will prove to be very helpful for the players as well as their parents.

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