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Doraemon Stand by Me 2 Netflix Release Date

Doraemon is a Japanese anime that is popular all over the world. Doraemon anime is liked not only by children but also by elders because the creators have made this anime in such a way that we can connect with the characters present in this anime very easily.

Doraemon is a very old anime because the first TV series of Doraemon was shown on television in 1973, after which this anime became so popular that now Doraemon has become a universe, not just an anime. Apart from Anime, many movies and video games have been made on Doraemon, as well as Doraemon’s toys are also sold in abundance.

Most of the content of this vast universe of Doraemon has been released globally but there is still one film in this universe that has not been released globally yet and the name of that film is Doraemon Stand by Me 2. Doraemon Stand by Me 2 movie was released in Japan in 2020 but now very soon this film will be released on Netflix as well.

Actually, it has been officially announced by Netflix that Doraemon Stand by Me 2 film will be released on Netflix on 24 December 2021, that is, you will get to see this film on Netflix after 20 days from today. It is a matter of happiness for Indian kids that Doraemon Stand by Me 2 movie will be released in the Hindi language along with English and Japanese.

If we talk about the Hindi version of Doraemon Stand by Me 2 movie, then in the Hindi version of this film, Parul Bhatnagar has given her voice to Shizuka, and one good thing is that in the Hindi version of the Doraemon anime series too, Parul Bhatnagar lent her voice to Shizuka. If we talk about Nobita, then Vaibhav Thakkar has lent his voice to Nobita in the Hindi version of the film.

The biggest advantage of Doraemon Stand by Me 2 film is coming on Netflix will be that the censorship on this film will also be very less, due to which the originality of this film will remain intact.

Are you excited about the movie Doraemon Stand by Me 2? Do tell your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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