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Doraemon Facts: Why does Gian hate Nobita?

If you’ve watched the popular Japanese anime Doraemon, then you must have been aware that Gian always treats Nobita badly, which makes it appear that he hates Nobita. In this article, we will tell you why Gian does this.

In Doraemon Anime, Gian’s behavior with Nobita has always been shown to be bad, and not only this, but Gian scares other kids and snatches their toys, and always keeps on fighting. Due to this behavior of Gian, it seems that Gian is a mean and bad boy but it is not at all because there is not one but many reasons for Gian’s bad nature.

Nobita, Shizuka, and Suneo’s life are very easy in Doraemon anime as their fathers earn very well and are able to meet the needs of their family easily. Due to the financial condition of Nobita, Shizuka, and Suneo, the mother of all three is also a housewife, they do not need to do a job, but in Gian’s case, it is not so at all.

Actually, Gian’s father does a job but his income is very less, due to which the needs of his family are not met and for this reason, Gian’s mother has to run the shop to meet the needs of the family.

While on one hand, other children enjoy playing with each other, on the other hand, Gian has to work in the shop and sometimes he has to go to deliver things.

Where on one hand other children play with expensive toys and read their favorite comic books, on the other hand, Gian’s family cannot afford expensive toys, and even Gian gets pocket money much less than other children.

Seeing the easy and happy lives of other kids, Gian gets jealous of them, due to which he keeps fighting with other kids. Due to lack of money, Gian is unable to buy toys and comic books, that is why he snatches other children’s toys and comic books.

Gian doesn’t hate Nobita but is jealous of him because Nobita’s life is so easy because of Doraemon. Nobita’s family is in good financial condition due to which he gets decent pocket money and he can also buy toys and comic books with his pocket money and with the arrival of Doraemon Nobita’s life has become much easier. Due to the lifestyle of Nobita, Gian gets jealous of him and keeps on harassing Nobita all the time.

Although Gian’s heart is clear because there have been many situations in the anime where Gian has saved the lives of Nobita and other friends without caring about his own life.

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