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Hawkeye Episode 4 Review

The fourth episode of Hawkeye has been released on Disney plus and the name of this episode is “Partners Am I Right?”. If you want to watch Episode 4 of Hawkeye, then it is necessary that you have watched the spin-off movie of Blackwidow.

In the first 2 episodes of Hawkeye, an attempt was made to build up the story, but after that, we got to see tremendous action in episode 3. In Episode 3, we saw Kate Bishop and Clint Barton fighting enemies together as partners, but will we now see this partnership in Episode 4 as well? According to the title of Episode 4, Kate Bishop forcibly wants to be Clint Barton’s partner because she may have started thinking of herself as an Avenger.

Clint Barton does not want Kate Bishop to be his partner because Clint Barton does not want to repeat the mistake he made by making Natasha his partner. Somewhere, Clint Barton considers himself to be the cause of Natasha’s death, due to which he no longer wants anyone else to die because of him.

In episode 4 of Hawkeye, we also get to see Natasha’s sister Yelena. If you do not know about Yelena, then let us tell you that Yelena was introduced in the spin-off film of Blackwidow. Yelena understands that her sister Natasha has died because of Clint Barton and that is why she now wants to take revenge from Clint Berton.

Now there are many villains behind Clint Barton and Kate Bishop which include Yelena, Echo, and Tracksuit Mafia. However, according to our prediction, Yelena’s misunderstanding will be cleared in the upcoming episodes, after which she will become a friend of Clint Barton.

After Episode 3 we thought that we will get to see tremendous action in Episode 4 also but nothing like this happened because in episode 4 except for some action scenes only communication is shown in the rest of the episode.

Overall, Hawkeye Episode 4 is decent and packed with lots of communication and one big surprise. If you are expecting tremendous action in episode 4 then you will be disappointed.

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