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Clash of Clans: How to Get Multiple X-Mas Trees?

Winter update is the favorite update of every Clash of Clans player because winter updates make the village beautiful. Actually, beautiful X-Mas trees spawn in the village as an obstacle in every winter update of COC. When X-Mas trees spawn on the village, then the village looks very beautiful due to those X-Mas trees.

You must have seen many such villages in which many X-Mas trees are decorated and due to those X-Mas trees, those villages look very attractive. If X-Mas trees are less or not at all in your village but you want to make your village beautiful through X-Mas trees then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you that how can you get multiple X-Mas trees to spawn in your village?

At present, the winter update has come in the game, due to which now X-Mas trees have also started spawning in the village. Basically on an average, 2 to 3 X-Mas trees are spawned in every village, but in this article, we will tell you a trick that will spawn 4 to 5 X-Mas trees in your village.

Most of the obstacles in Clash of Clans spawn on all four corners of the village, that’s why if you want to spawn multiple X-Mas trees, then you have to design your village in such a way that there is a lot of space left on the corners of the village.

Another effective trick for spawning multiple X-Mas trees is to leave plenty of free space in the center of your village. When you leave enough space in the middle of the village, the chances of multiple X-Mas trees spawning there will increase.

Both of these tricks to spawn multiple X-Mas trees also have a drawback because if you use both of these tricks you will also have to use Shovel of Obstacles, although you can buy Shovel of Obstacles for 50 gems ​and spending a few gems for decoration is no a big deal

In this way, you can get multiple X-Mas trees to spawn in your village. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to Clash of Clans, then you can subscribe to our website.

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