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How to Download and Play CrisisX Mobile Game?

If you like to play survival category mobile games like LifeAfter then you are reading the right article because in this article we will tell you about a brand new survival genre mobile game named CrisisX.

CrisisX is a survival category open-world game, although in this game you will also get to see the combination of categories like adventure, shooting, zombies, and RPG. If we talk about the developer, then the work of developing this game has been done by a company named HUNTERGAME, although this is the first mobile game of HUNTERGAME.

If we talk about the feature, then in the CrisisX game you can do everything that you can do in LifeAfter game. The CrisisX game is based on a city called Oakport. In this game also you will get to see the exact same kind of story as you get to see in most of the post-apocalypse games because this game is based on the post-apocalypse environment.

If we talk about the story, due to a dangerous infection, people all over the world are converting into zombies and now the world is occupied by zombies and mutants. Due to infection, this world full of happiness has become completely barren in a very short time, although there are many survivors in this barren world who have learned to live in this dangerous world through their skills and you are also included in those survivors.

In this game, you will get to see a big and beautiful open world which you can explore without any restriction. In the game, you can create your own shelter, craft weapons, and things, collect resources from the open world, hunt, fight zombies, and can also interact with other players present in the game.

In this game, you can fully customize your character, that is, you can customize everything from your character’s body structure to outfit. The special thing about CrisisX game is the graphics of this game which look very beautiful.

According to the developer, the CrisisX game is under development as currently only 60% of the game is completed. Although 40% development of this game is pending but despite that, the beta version of this game has been released by the developers in the Philippines and Malaysia.

If you live in Malaysia and the Philippines then you can download this game directly from Google Playstore. If you want to try this game but you do not live in Malaysia or the Philippines, then you will have to wait a bit to play this game because it has been stated by the developers that very soon the beta test of this game will be released in other countries as well.

At present, you will have to spend about 4GB of data to download this game and after installation, the size of this game will be around 6GB. If we talk about the specification, then you should have a good smartphone to run this game. If we talk about the release date, at present no information has been given by the developers about the official release of the game.

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