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Is Dragonite & Tsareena Coming to Pokemon Unite?

At the moment players in the Pokemon Unite community are quite hyped about the two pokemon Dragonite & Tsareena, as some time ago it was reported by the data miners that two new pokemon Dragonite & Tsareena could be released in the upcoming updates of Pokemon Unite.

Players of Pokemon Unite are very excited to know that Dragonite & Tsareena pokemon will be released in the game soon. but in the midst of this enthusiasm of players, another leak has come out from the data miners, which can reduce the enthusiasm of the players.

Actually, recently it has come out from the data miners that the developers of Pokemon Unite have removed the photos of Dragonite & Tsareena from the Unite license.

After the removal of Dragonite & Tsareena shop cards, the question has now arisen whether Dragonite & Tsareena will not be released in Pokemon Unite? Although the developers have removed the Dragonite & Tsareena shop cards, this does not mean that Dragonite & Tsareena pokemon will not be released.

Actually, data miners have extracted information from the game files, according to which a new event is going to come in the game on 6th December, which will be named Speedster. This new event is going to run from 6th December to 20th December and during this event if we login to the game after 9th December 2021 then we will get Unite License. However, in this game file, the name of that pokemon has been removed (null) whose unite card we are going to get on December 9th but the possibility is very high that it is the pokemon Tsareena.

The potential for Tsareena’s arrival is very high, but now the question must be coming in your mind that is Dragonite also going to come? At present, no information has been given about Dragonite from the data miners, for this reason, it is not possible to say whether Dragonite will come in the upcoming update of the game.

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