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Hawkeye Episode 3 Review

The third episode of Hawkeye has been released on Disney Plus and the title of this third episode is Echoes. If you have seen the first 2 episodes of this series, then you must be aware that the hint of which character is going to appear in episode 3 was given to us at the end of the second episode of the series.

Actually, at the end of the second episode, we are shown a female character who is the leader of the tracksuit mafia, although she is unable to speak and hear but she has such power that she can understand people’s words and can take action by feeling the echoes, due to which her name is Echo.

A small backstory of Echo is shown in the third episode, so the audience can connect well with Echo. Echo’s story reveals why Echo hates Ronin. If you do not know about Echo, then let us tell you that according to the comic book, Kingpin has adopted Echo i.e. Echo is Kingpin’s adopted daughter. If you do not know this, then let us tell you that the character of Echo in the Hawkeye web series is going to be important because Marvel is going to release a spin-off web series of Echo in the future.

Action-loving audiences must have liked the third episode of Hawkeye more than the first two episodes because we get to see a lot of action in the third episode. For the first time in the third episode, Kate Bishop shoots Hawkeye’s arrows, which you will enjoy watching, and along with that in the third episode, you will also enjoy watching the action scene with the bridge.

Apart from comedy and action, you will also get to see an emotional scene in this episode when Clint Barton is talking on the phone with his son. We can also call the third episode of Hawkeye a spice-packed episode because in this episode we will get to see the combination of comedy, action, and emotion.

If we talk about the length, then the length of the third episode is about 40 minutes, however, due to the tremendous action present in this episode and the teamwork of Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, this episode will not bore you at all. There is no doubt that those who were bored by watching the first two episodes of the Hawkeye series, their excitement will increase a lot by watching Episode 3.

Overall Hawkeye’s third episode was awesome and after watching the third episode your excitement will increase to watch the upcoming episodes of the series.

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