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Lost in Space Season 3 Review

Netflix started December 2021 with a lot of its content, one of which was season 3 of Lost in Space. Lost in Space is a popular sci-fi category web series from Netflix, which third and last season was released on December 1.

The first 2 seasons of Lost in Space were very tremendous in which we got to see great scenes as well as a good story and now continuing this tradition, season 3 of the series will also give you exactly the same experience as you got before in the previous two seasons.

Season 3 of Lost in Space begins at the same point where season 2 ended. If we talk about the story, then in season 3, the children of Robinson’s family get stuck on an unknown planet, how do the children survive on the unknown planet? And what’s the secret of robots? To know the answers to these questions, you will have to watch season 3 of Lost in Space.

If we talk about the episodes of season 3 then there are total 8 episodes in season 3 which length is very around 50 minutes. If you live in India then you will be able to watch season 3 in Hindi also.

Like every time, this time too the visuals, VFX, CGI, and locations of season 3 were spectacular, which you are going to enjoy a lot. The cinematography of Season 3 was also good, in which shots were taken from many different angles. Although not only the visuals and CGI but the story of season 3 was also strong which will keep you connected till the last.

The story goes into the past several times in season 3 and apart from this the angle of robots is also well presented. After the first season of the series, we got to see the character development very well in the second season and the same thing is also seen in season 3 after season 2.

If we talk about the climax, then there can be a mixed opinion from the audience regarding the climax of season 3 because many people will like the climax of season 3, then there will be many people who will dislike the climax.

Overall Lost in Space is a great sci-fi series and you will like all the three seasons of this series very much. If you talk about the parental guideline, then you can watch the Lost in Space series with your family.

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