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PUBG Mobile/BGMI 8V8 TDM Mode Complete Details and Released Date

Although PUBG Mobile/BGMI games are known for their Battle Royale mode but both these games also include many other modes which players like very much, and today we will talk about one such mode named Team Deathmatch (TDM).

TDM mode in PUBG Mobile was released in 2019 and this mode became popular as soon as it was released because it is a 4V4 mode and this mode is exactly like the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Mobile, due to which players liked this mode very much. Even today TDM mode is as popular among players as it was in 2019 but now players are going to enjoy even more in TDM mode because very soon 8V8 mode is also coming in TDM.

Recently 8V8 TDM mode has been added to the beta version of PUBG Mobile along with a brand new map of 8V8 TDM mode. This mode had come in PUBG PC long ago, but now finally the entry of this mode is going to happen very soon in PUBG Mobile/BGMI too.

The existing TDM map is only for 4V4 matches i.e. the existing TDM map for 8V8 matches will be slightly smaller that’s why a brand new map has also been added for 8V8 matches which is slightly bigger than the existing TDM map. Just like in Call of Duty Mobile’s multiplayer mode, PUBG Mobile/BGMI’s 8V8 TDM mode will also have multiple stairs that players will use to climb up.

In the current TDM mode of PUBG Mobile/BGMI, the total kill count is only up to 40 i.e. whichever team does 40 kills first, that team will win the match but in 8V8 TDM mode, the team will have to do a total of 50 kills to win. In 8V8 TDM mode, players will randomly spawn with their squad at any location i.e. there will be no fixed spawn points in 8V8 mode like in current TDM mode.

Weapons and ammo will spawn in many different places in 8V8 TDM mode, due to which you will be able to switch your weapons and collect ammo very easily. If we talk about the map, then the map of the new 8V8 TDM mode is in the shape of the English alphabet “D” and it seems that this new map has been inspired by the map of CS:GO.

If we talk about the release date, then at present no official information has come out about the release date of 8V8 TDM mode but it seems that the 8V8 TDM mode may be released in the 1.9 update of PUBG Mobile/BGMI.

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