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The Silent Sea Review

Although Korean drama is globally popular and people like to watch Korean drama, but after the recently released web series Squid Game on Netflix, there has been a jump in the popularity of Korean drama. After Squid Game, many Korean web series were released, out of which some series were liked by the people and some series could not make their place in the hearts of the audience. Now another series has made its entry in the vast universe of Korean drama, which is named The Silent Sea.

The Silent Sea is a science fiction category web series released on Netflix. If we talk about the story, then in this series some kind of story has been shown that now the whole world has run out of water and some scientists have gone to the moon to get some important things. Will the mission of the scientists be successful? Will the water crisis looming over the world be resolved? To get answers to all these questions, you will have to watch The Silent Sea series.

The concept of the series is very good and unique, due to which our interest remains in this series. If we talk about the visuals of this series, being a science fiction series, the visuals of this series are very good and of grand level. The moon and moon scenes shown in the series are very good.

The Silent Sea series starts on a very good note and in the starting we feel that we are going to see a lot of amazing things and mysteries in this series but as the series progresses so does our interest and engagement starts decreasing in this series.

Although a special feature of every Korean drama is its characters, but there is a lack of character depth in The Silent Sea, due to which we are not able to connect with any characters. In the series, we get to see thrill and mystery very well. The cinematography of the series is quite good and along with that the BGM is also very good.

The Silent Sea series starts off on a good note but despite that the series looks dull and after the mystery present in the series is relieved, you will feel that the episodes are stretched. Overall The Silent Sea is a decent series and if you like watching science fiction shows and movies then you might like this series very much.

Rating: 4.0/5

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