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PUBG Mobile/BGMI Device Ban Details

PUBG Mobile is a great battle royale game that was released on Android and iOS in 2018, after its release, this game has achieved many achievements. If we talk about the biggest achievement of PUBG Mobile, then that achievement is that the game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times since its release.

At present, the PUBG Mobile game has a huge user base and one of the reasons for this is that it is a free-to-play game, that is, anyone can download and play this game absolutely free. There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile being free has become a reason for increasing the user base of this game, but it is also true that due to being free, this game has also become a favorite of hackers.

After the release, when PUBG Mobile started becoming famous, then there were so many hackers in the game that it was impossible for normal players to win the game. Due to being troubled by hackers, many players stopped playing this game, but after that, the developer of PUBG Mobile developed a tremendous anti-cheat system to take strict action against hackers.

The anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile was working tremendously because this system used to identify hackers and ban their IDs. Although the problem of hackers was controlled to a great extent with the anti-cheat system, but banning the hackers’ id was not a permanent solution.

Actually, after the hackers’ ID was banned, they used to do hacking by creating many other IDs, due to which the problem of hacking could never be solved completely, despite having an anti-cheat system. However, now the problem of hacking in PUBG Mobile can be solved to a great extent because PUBG Mobile has announced the Device Ban feature.

Actually, recently an announcement has been made on the official social media handles of PUBG Mobile, in which the game’s brand new feature Device Ban has been introduced. Actually, the Device Ban feature can prove to be a big step against hackers because now the entire device will be banned in PUBG Mobile, not just the ID of hackers.

Currently, hackers’ id is being banned, but after having an id banned, hackers continue hacking by creating another ID and this process continues, but under the Device Ban feature, along with ID the device of the hacker will also be banned from which he is playing the game. After the device is banned, no ID will work on that device and the PUBG Mobile game will not be able to work again on that device.

Actually, the IP of hackers will be banned in the Device Ban feature, due to which hackers will need another device or internet connection to play the game after the IP ban. The Device Ban feature will almost eliminate the problem of hackers in PUBG Mobile because hackers can create many IDs but cannot change many devices.

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