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Top 5 Tips to Survive in Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft was released in 2011 and since then the game has received countless updates. These updates to Minecraft keep the game alive and interesting. Recently a major update 1.18 was released in Minecraft named as Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2.

Although the latest updates to Minecraft bring with them a lot of features due to which the interest of the players remains in the game, but it is also true that with each latest update of Minecraft, this game becomes more difficult and dangerous. Minecraft’s recent update 1.18 brings with it a lot of new things that the players are going to enjoy a lot but at the same time, it will become even more difficult and challenging for the player to survive in the 1.18 update.

If you want to survive in Minecraft 1.18 without facing difficulties and challenges then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you the top 5 tips by which you will be able to survive in Minecraft 1.18 easily.

1. Always Carry Water Bucket

Minecraft Water Bucket

After the 1.18 update, big caves have been created in many places in the game which are very deep. Your one wrong move will drop you into deep caves, after which you will not be able to survive at all, however, if you carry a water bucket with you then the story will be different. Actually, when you are falling down from the caves, you have to empty your water bucket before landing, due to which you will land on the water and will also be survive by a very big fall.

If you want to go to the surface of the caves without any damage, then you have to pour the water down from the water bucket from the edge of the caves and as soon as the water reaches the bottom, you have to reach the bottom while riding in that water.

2. Always Carry Potion of Slow Falling

Minecraft Potion of Slow Falling

After the Caves and cliffs update, a lot of deep caves have come in the game and when you fall down in such caves or get stuck on a high pillar then Potion of Slow Falling will prove to be very useful for you. Actually Potion of Slow Falling greatly reduces the speed of your fall, due to which you are able to survive even the biggest fall.

3. Always Carry Torches

Minecraft Torches

Carrying torches in 1.18 is very important because after visiting dark caves or dark places, torches will be of great use to you. Before the 1.18 update, mobs used to spawn at level 7 of darkness, but now after the 1.18 update, the mobs will spawn where the light level is zero, after the 1.18 update, less torches will be needed in the dark because now you have to install torches only where the level of darkness is 0.

4. Always Carry Water Breathing Potion

Minecraft Water Breathing Potion

After the Caves and Cliffs update, we will also get to see many such caves in the game which are completely filled with water, but in these water-filled caves you also get oars which you can mine. Mining oars in caves full of water is not an easy task because you cannot breathe in under water, but there is also a solution for this which is Water Breathing Potion. With the help of Water Breathing Potion, you can easily breathe in under water too.

5. Boots With Feather Falling

Minecraft Boots With Feather Falling

This tip applies to mountains as well as caves. To avoid damage caused by falls in mountains and caves, you have to use Feather Falling enchantment on your boots. Boots with Feather Falling enchantment greatly reduce the damage caused by the fall, which will increase your chances of survival in mountains and caves.

To avoid freezing in the snowy slopes biome, you can wear leather boots or anything made of leather, after which you will not freeze even in the snowy slopes biome.

Bonus Tip: After the caves and cliffs update, all the goats will now spawn only on the mountains, so if you go to the mountain, beware of the goats as the goat can hit you with its strong horns.

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