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Free Fire OB32 Update Complete Details and Release Date

Currently, players in the Free Fire community are eagerly waiting for the game’s upcoming major update, OB32. Because every OB update coming to Free Fire brings with it many new things and features. If you are also eagerly waiting for the OB32 update, then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about the OB32 update, along with that we will also tell you about the release date of the OB32 update.

Free Fire OB32 Update New Lobby

At present, in the lobby of Free Fire, you can see the Collection option on the left side, but after the OB32 update, that Collection option will be removed from there and will be transferred to the Vault option, that is, after the OB32 update, you can get all your accessories and items at one place. After the OB32 update, you will also get to see 1 new option in Vault, which will be the option of Music, apart from this you will get to see a new tab in the game which will be Taster.

Free Fire OB32 Update New Shotgun

Along with the OB32 update, a brand new gun is also coming in the game called Charge Buster. Just like the name of this gun, you will not need any kind of ammo to use this gun because this gun has the feature of charging instead of reloading, that is, when you fire with the help of this gun, to fire next time, you’ll have to wait a while so that the gun charges up to fire again.

Free Fire OB32 Update New Pet

In the OB31 update of Free Fire, we got to see Yeti pet and this time also a brand new pet is going to be released in OB32 update called Flash. Flash is a turtle that has the ability of Steel Shell, which you can use for defense. Actually, whenever an enemy hits you with bullets or knife from behind, the Steel Shell ability of a level 1 Flash pet will reduce the damage caused by those bullets or knives by 10%. If we talk about cooldown time, then the cooldown time of Flash is 150 seconds.

Free Fire OB32 Update New Evo Gun

The OB32 update will bring a brand new Evo gun skin of Groza called Groza – Valentine. This Evo gun skin of Groza will be based on the theme of Valentine. If we talk about the attributes, then the damage in this Evo gun skin will be single, rate of fire double, and reload speed minus.

Character Edit Option During Match

This is going to be a great feature because under this feature you will be able to change your character whenever you want during the match.

Gameplay Restriction

A restriction feature is also coming with the OB32 update, under which if any player plays Free Fire too much, then he will have to face restriction i.e. his game will not work for a certain time, due to which that player will be forced to take a break.

New SKS Gun Skin

In the upcoming rank of the next season, you are going to get a new SKS gun skin for absolutely free, which is named Golden Trigger.

New Character

You know this thing that whenever the OB update comes in the game, a new character is also seen with it and this time something similar is going to happen. A brand new character is coming in the OB32 update named Thala.

Other Changes

  • After the OB32 update, you can increase the attributes of your weapons with their golden designs.
  • You can set the game lobby according to the Elite Passes that you buy.
  • Under OB32 update, you can also save all your custom sets which is a very good thing.
  • If we talk about Next Incubator, then the name of Next Incubator is going to be Ancient hunters.
  • If you use M1887 gun then OB32 update will be special for you because after OB32 update M1887 gun will load 3 bullets instead of 2 bullets. It may also happen that after the update, some changes will be seen in the capability of this gun.
  • Along with the M1887 gun, the SVD has also been renovated, after which the power of the SVD will increase and the SVD will cause more damage to the Gloo Wall.
  • After the OB32 update, you will see improvements in the M249 and Groza guns as the firepower of the M249 and Groza have been increased.

Free Fire OB32 Update Release Date

If we talk about the release date, then at present the release date of OB32 update has not been officially confirmed by Free Fire, but keeping in mind the previous update, if we predict, then OB32 update may be released on January 19 or 20.

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