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PUBG New State: How to Complete Survival Pass Volume 2 Week 4 Missions?

If you want to complete all the story missions of Week 4 present in Survival Pass Volume 2 of PUBG New State, then this article can prove to be very helpful for you, because in this article we will explain to you all the missions of week 4 as well as tell about the exact location of the missions so that you can complete all the missions very easily.

All three missions of Week 4 are available only on the Troi map, due to which you have to select the Troi map to complete these three missions. If you want, you can complete all these missions either solo or with a squad.

PUBG New State (Week 4) 1st. Mission

In the first mission, you have to collect 5 cranes made of paper from different restaurants.

Finding 5 cranes is very easy because you will find these cranes in the restaurant which you can see in the above image. After reaching the restaurant, you have to find and collect the red glowing thing because that glowing thing is the cranes. Like the cranes, the Hunters mask and Sam’s note will also be glowing.

PUBG New State (Week 4) 2nd. Mission

In the second mission, you have to find and collect a note of the game’s main character Sam, which is located near the city hall area in the Troi map.

To pick up Sam’s note, you have to first go to the City Hall area. You will find Sam’s note in the back area of the City Hall, which you can see in the image given above.

PUBG New State (Week 4) 3rd. Mission

In the third mission, you have to collect the Hunters Mask from the Vermont area of Troi.

To collect the Hunters mask, you have to carefully enter the Vermont area as there will be many other players there to collect the Hunters mask. You’ll find a glittering Hunters mask on the first floor of the house shown in the image above.

In this way, you will be able to complete all three missions very easily in a single match.

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