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Mobile Legends Overdrive Mode Full Details and Guide

Finally, a brand new mode named Overdrive has been added to the advance server of Mobile Legends. In this article, we will give you complete information about this Overdrive mode of Mobile Legends.

Overdrive Mode Details

Overdrive is a 5v5 mode which means Overdrive is also similar to the normal 5v5 mode currently present in the game but 3 new buffs present in Overdrive make this mode different from the normal 5v5 mode.

Overdrive Mode 3 New Buffs

Overdrive Mode 3 New Buffs

  1. The first blue buff in Overdrive mode reduces the cooldown on skills by 80% and cooldown on spells by about 50%, which means it’s a cooldown reduction buff.
  2. The second orange-colored buff gives a boost in Overdrive mode. That is, this buff increases the attack speed by 50%, increases the movement speed by about 30, and gives about 25% boost to resilience.
  3. The third buff of Overdrive mode increases your mana and mana regen by 100%.

That is, these three buffs unleash the true power of the heroes and give them a boost, due to which this mode has been named Overdrive.

The process of heroes selection in Overdrive mode is slightly different from the normal 5v5 mode because just like brawl mode, in Overdrive mode, you will be given the option to choose any 2 heroes and you have to choose one of those 2 heroes.

Effect of Overdrive Mode’s 3 New Buffs on Heroes

  • Due to the mana buff present in this mode, some heroes will not need to turn off their ultimate after using it as their mana will never end (example – Alice).
  • Due to cooldown reduction buff and mana buff, you can constantly spam the skills of some heroes (example – Esmeralda).
  • Due to unlimited mana, if you use Estes hero then during the fight you will feel like Estes is the Wolverine character of the X-Men film series because you will be able to heal Estes continuously.
  • If we talk about Zilong then if you use Zilong then due to a short cooldown you can flip your Opponent twice.
  • If you want to remain invisible during the whole match then you should use Natalia because due to mana buff you can keep Natalia invisible continuously.

Which heroes according to you can prove to be overpowered in Overdrive Mode. Do tell by commenting in the comment box.

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