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Pokemon GO: What Can We Expect in Electric and Steel-Themed Event?

If you are a Pokemon GO player and follow the news related to Pokemon GO, then you will have known that an announcement was made by Niantic on 22 December 2021, in which the information were given about all the events coming in the Pokemon GO in January 2022. Electric and Steel-Themed Event is also included in the list of all upcoming events in January 2022 and in this article we are going to give you information about the same event.

However, as of now, developers has not officially given any information about what is going to come in the Electric and Steel-themed event, but in this article we will tell you what you can expect in Electric and Steel-Themed Event. If we talk about the release date, then the Electric and Steel-themed event will start on 19 January 2022 and will end on 1 February 2022.

Electric and Steel-Themed Event is going to be a big event because this event is going to last for about 10 days and if an event in Pokemon GO lasts more than 1 week then it is considered as a big event. According to Niantic, the electric and steel-themed event is inspired by the Kanto Power Plant.

If we talk about some random electric type pokemon of Kanto, it includes pokemon like Magnemite, Voltorb, Electabuzz, Magneton, Zapdos, Pikachu and in the same way Kanto also includes many steel type pokemon and you’ll find all those pokemon in the wild during the Electric and Steel-themed event. Along with Kanto’s electric and steel type pokemon, we may also get to see 2 other electric type pokemon at the Electric and Steel-themed event.

Actually, in the corner of the new loading screen of Pokemon GO, we got to see the Raikou pokemon which is an electric type pokemon and it is possible that we will get to see Raikou’s raid at the Electric and Steel-themed event.

In the new loading screen we got to see another electric type Pokemon which was Helioptile although this pokemon is currently not present in Pokemon GO. The appearance of the electric-type pokemon Helioptile in the new loading screen hints that perhaps Niantic may release the Helioptile at an Electric and Steel-themed event.

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