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PUBG New State 0.9.23 Update Patch Notes and Release Date

The developers of PUBG New State are currently in full swing as the first major update to the game was released by the developers about 1 month ago and now once again the upcoming big update 0.9.23 of the game has been announced by the developers. In this article, we will give you complete information about the 0.9.23 update, as well as we will also tell you when this update is going to be released.

BR:Extreme New Mode

The 0.9.23 update will bring a brand new mode called BR:Extreme. If you get bored of playing long matches in PUBG New State, then BR:Extreme mode is for you because in a match of BR:Extreme mode there will be a fight between total 64 players which will last for about 20 minutes.

Actually, under BR:Extreme mode, a circle of 4X4 size will be created in the Troi map and all players have to play the match by staying in the same circle. In every match of BR:Extreme mode, when you land in a 4X4 circle for the first time, you’ll have a P1911 pistol, 1 smoke grenade, 100% boost and 300 Drone Credits. Overall, the BR:Extreme mode of PUBG New State is similar to the quick mode of PUBG Mobile, in which you will be able to do more action in less time.

New Weapon P90

If you play PUBG Mobile game then you will feel that P90 is an old gun but it is not at all because P90 gun will be added in completely new ways by the developer in PUBG New State. The special thing about P90 Gun of PUBG New State is that this gun will not spawn randomly in the map like any other item. If you want to use P 90 gun, then you will get to see this gun only in the drop. In the P90 gun, you will be able to use a 5.7 mm ammo, which you can buy from the drone store. This gun will help you a lot in close combat.

New Gun Customization Options

Players using DP-28 and Beryl M762 guns will see new customization options in both these guns after the update.


If we talk about DP-28 then in DP-28 you will be able to use Flash Hider and Compensator but you will not be able to use suppressors in the gun.

Beryl M762

In the current version of the game, when you use Beryl M762 gun, you have to face some problems in deviation control and ADS, but after the update, lightweight stock will be inserted in Beryl M762 which will improve deviation control and ADS.

Balance Changes

  • If you use customization kit more, then there is a good news for you that after 0.9.23 update you will get to see more number of customization kits in Erangel and Troi map because the spawn rate of customization kit will increase under balance changes.
  • After the 0.9.23 update, you will have to be more careful with the circle because after the update the speed of the circle will increase and at the same time this circle will give you more damage in the middle of the game. In the 0.9.23 update, the smaller version of the deployable shield has been removed, ie after the update, you will only be able to see the wide-type shield.
  • After the update, in the troi map, you will see your favorite electric car Nova randomly spawning like any other car.
  • If you like to play TDM, then after the update you will get to see some changes in the station map of TDM.
  • New animation called “Parkour Roll” has also been added in the 0.9.23 update to make the game more realistic. Actually, when you jump from a height or jump from a moving vehicle, you get heavy damage, but if you press the “Parkour Roll” button while jumping, you will have very little damage.
  • After the update, you will also feel the improvement in the audio as the audio of footsteps, gunfire, and vehicles have been enhanced.
  • Control improvments feature has also been added in the update, Tap + Hold option has been added for Peek, vehicle entry mechanism has been improved, 2 players will be able to sit on Vulture bike, Nova’s windshield will not be bullet proof, recruit and revive progress indicator has been added.

Weapon Balance Changes

Many guns have been balanced in the 0.9.23 update, which you will get to see in the video below.

Release Date

If we talk about the release date, at present the release date of 0.9.23 Update has not been disclosed by Krafton, but it is confirmed that 0.9.23 Update is going to be released this week.

For more information related to 0.9.23 update, you can read the official Patch Notes.

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