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Genshin Impact 2.5 Update Release Date, Banner, New Character, New Weapons, New Boss, New Stories, New Redeem Codes And Everything You Need To Know About

Recently, a live stream was organized on the official YouTube channel of Genshin Impact to give details about the upcoming 2.5 update. However, much of the content coming in the upcoming update was leaked by the data miners even before the live stream, due to which people already knew what was going to come in 2.5 update.

However, if you haven’t seen the official live stream and you don’t know what the 2.5 update is going to bring, then this article is for you, because in this article we will give you complete details about Genshin Impact 2.5 update.

Genshin Impact 2.5 Update Release Date

Before giving information about 2.5 update, we tell you about the release date of 2.5 update. 2.5 Update is going to release on 16th February 2022 i.e. you will be able to enjoy the brand new update of Genahin Impact very soon.

New Character

The 2.5 update turned out to be great for people who wanted a new character in the game, as the 2.5 update adds Yae Miko, a powerful 5 star character. Using this character you can deliver on field and off field damage.


If we talk about the banner of 2.5 update then in phase 1 we get to see new character Yae Miko which is 5 star character, in phase 2 Raiden Shogun has been kept which is a powerful 5 star character and in phase 3, 5 star character Sangonomiya Kokomi has made her place.

New Story Quests

In the 2.5 update, we’ll get a chance to explore 2 new story quests in which the first story quest is of Raiden Shogun and the second story quest is of Yae Miko. Although you’ll be more interested in Yae Miko’s story quests but you’ll first need to complete Raiden Shogun’s story quests, after which you’ll be able to complete Yae Miko’s story quests.

New Boss

If we talk about the new boss, then in the 2.5 update you will get to see a dangerous form of Raiden Shogun as the new boss. This dangerous form of Raiden Shogun resembles the character Herrscher of Thunder from the game Honkai Impact.

Three Realms Gateway Offering

Actually, it is a small quest by completing which you can claim four star catalyst, Ointment of Sight, Crown of Insight, Primogems, Weapon Ascension, Mora, Talent Level-Up Materials and Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Other Features

  • Of Drink A-Dreaming – This is a mini game in which you can mix different drinks.
  • Divine Ingenuity – If you like creativity then you will also like Divine Ingenuity event because this event is like a mini game in which you can create your own domain and customize it through terrain, mechanisms, traps, buffs and completion criteria.
  • Hyakunin Ikki – This is a kind of event in which you have to kill the waves of enemies.

New Weapons

The 2.5 update also added 2 new weapons including the 5 star Kagura’s Verity and the 4 star Oathsworn Eye.

New Redeem Codes for Primogems

  • AB7VJC9EGDAZ – 100 Primogems + 5 Hero’s wits
  • VTPU3CQWYCSD – 100 Primogems + 10 Mystic enhancement ores
  • WT7D3CQEHVBM – 50,000 Mora and 100 Primogems

These were the complete information about the 2.5 Update of Genshin Impact. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to Genshin Impact, then you can subscribe to our website.

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