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Suzerain Is A Unique Political Strategy Game Coming to Mobile Soon

Many new games are released every day on the mobile platform, but the concept of very few of them is very unique, but Suzerain is such an upcoming game that you can keep it in the category of unique games.

Suzerain is a game based on politics, in which you will find a combination of categories like Strategy, Role-Playing and Simulation. The PC version of the Suzerain game was released on Steam in December 2020 and Suzerain was also released for Nintendo Switch in September 2021, but now the mobile version of Suzerain is also going to be released soon.

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If we talk about the developer, then the work of developing this game has been done by a company called Torpor Games. Suzerain game has also received different awards and this game has also been nominated for many awards.

Suzerain Mobile Features

The Suzerain game is based on the 1954 timeline in which you will have the privilege of becoming the president of a country called Sordland. Sordland is a country which is suffering from very bad conditions because civil war and merciless dictatorship has hollowed out this country and now this country is moving towards ruin, but as the new President of Sordland, you have to get your country out of this terrible crisis.

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As the president of Sordland, you will face all the challenges that every president faces in real life. While playing the game, you will have to make tough decisions to solve many issues like corruption, economic crisis, border conflicts and looming war.

Because you are the President, the decisions you make will affect your country, which means you will need a good strategy to get your country to the top position.

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As the President of an independent country, the security of your country will rest on your decisions and foreign policy because you can use your power to establish friendship or enmity with any country.

Suzerain Mobile Release Date

If we talk about the release date then at present, it has not been revealed from the developers that when the mobile version of Suzerain will be released but you can follow the official social media handles of Torpor Games for future updates related to this game.

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