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How To Get Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

If you play the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, you must have captured a lot of normal pokemon, although there are many pokemon in this game that are abnormal. Abnormal pokemon is a special form of normal pokemon that is visually and statistically different from normal pokemon.

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If you also want to capture abnormal pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus then this article is for you because in this articlewe will tell you how you can capture Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

What is the difference between Alolan Vulpix and Normal Vulpix?

If you do not know about Alolan Vulpix, then let us tell you that Alolan Vulpix is a regional variant of normal Vulpix and this variant is found only in Alola region. Alolan Vulpix looks different from the normal Vulpix because the color of the normal Vulpix is brown and the color of Alolan Vulpix is white. One interesting thing is that at the moment there is only one Alolan pokemon in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game and that pokemon is Alolan Vulpix.

How To Get Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Vulpix Location
Pokemon Legends Arceus Vulpix Location

To get Alolan Vulpix, you must first capture a normal Vulpix because if you do not have a normal Vulpix you will not be able to get Alolan Vulpix. To capture the normal Vulpix, you have to go to a location called Veilstone Cape in the Cobalt Coastlands, which you can see in the image above. After capturing the normal Vulpix, you will have to return to the town and go to the Guild Hall.

There is a research room in the Guild Hall, where you will get to see a blackboard, on the blackboard you will see some requests, out of which you have to accept the request “Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow”. After accepting the request, you have to meet Keaka who will tell you the location of the Alolan Vulpix.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alolan Vulpix Location
Pokemon Legends Arceus Alolan Vulpix Location

To meet Keaka, you have to go to Alabaster Icelands. When you meet Keaka, he will give you a task in which you have to find 5 missing Alolan Vulpix. To find all the missing Alolan Vulpix you have to go to Avalanche Slepes Area because you will find all 5 Alolan Vulpix only around Avalanche Slepes Area.

When you go near all 5 Alolan Vulpix in Avalanche Slepes Area, they will all run-off to Snowfields Camp, after which the mission “Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow” will be completed. After talking to Keaka you will get your Alolan Vulpix.

This is how you’ll be able to catch a Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to Pokemon Legends Arceus game, then you can subscribe to our website.

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