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How to Get Crossbow in Dying Light 2?

Finally the most awaited zombie survival game Dying Light 2 has been released. Like first part, the second part of Dying Light franchise is also being liked by the people. The games of the Dying Light franchise are known for great parkour and good storylines. The feature of close combat in the games of the Dying Light franchise is very much liked by the people because most of the weapons present in the games of the Dying Light franchise are melee weapons, although having a long range weapon along with the melee weapon gives you an edge and for this reason in this article we will tell you how you can get Full-Auto Crossbow in Dying Light 2 game.

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If you are playing Dying Light 2 game then you must have Crossbow because it is a long range weapon and this weapon makes your combat experience more fun. With Crossbow, you can easily defeat any high health creature, as well as Crossbow works like a one shot solution for the human based enemy present in the game.

Dying Light 2

Let us tell you that there is only one way to get Crossbow in Dying Light 2 game and that way is “Peacekeeper Reward” because only through Peacekeeper Reward you will be able to get Crossbow. Actually there are 2 types of faction in Dying Light 2 game which include Peacekeepers and Survivors. When you start playing the game, you have to choose between Peacekeepers and Survivors faction. When you choose one of the faction, you are given a reward by the faction that you have selected. If you want Crossbow then you have to choose Peacekeepers and assign total 7 facilities to Peacekeepers.

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When you will activate total 7 facilities like Water Tower and Electrical Substations in Villador, then you have to assign those facilities to Peacekeepers. When you assign 7 facilities to Peacekeepers, you will get Crossbow.

In this way you can get Crossbow in Dying Light 2 game. Which weapon do you use the most in Dying Light 2? Do tell by commenting in the comment box below. If you want to stay updated with similar information related to Dying Light 2, then you can subscribe to our website.

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