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Lost Ark All Upcoming Classes

If you are a Lost Ark player then you must have known that Lost Ark is a 2 year old game because this game was released in December 2019 only in South Korea. In the last 2 years, the Lost Ark game had given a tremendous performance in South Korea, due to which the Lost Ark game was finally released by the developers in Europe and America on February 11, 2022, but there is a twist in it too.

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Actually, the Lost Ark game released in the West has many missing classes and subclasses, although all those missing classes and subclasses are available in South Korea. If you want to know about all the missing classes and subclasses of Lost Ark then this article is absolutely for you because in this article we will tell you about all the upcoming classes which are going to be released in the future in the west.

Warrior Class


If you do not like Berserker in Warrior Class, then Destroyer can prove to be a good choice for you. Destroyer is very powerful because Destroyer has a huge hammer and just like the Mjolnir, that hammer also emits electricity. Destroyer delivers terrific smashing attacks and delivers tremendous damage.

Female Berserker

Currently, players in the West are only able to use the male Berserker, but in the future, a female Berserker is also coming in Warrior Class. There will be no difference in the power of male and female Berserker.

Martial Artists Class

Lance Master

If you like agile fast characters then Lance Master is for you because Lance Master is much more agile. If we talk about weapons, then the Lance Master has a halberd type weapon, with the help of which he can do sweeping attacks, and with the help of his tremendous combo, he can deliver terrible damage.

Gunners Class


If you like stylish characters who can attack from long-range, then Scouter is just for you. Scouter has a combination of many gadgets, guns, and drones, due to which he shoots his enemy from long range.

Mages Class


As a Summoner, you can summon a variety of elements to inflict heavy damage on enemies. Just like the Gunner class, the characters in the Mages class are also capable of attacking from long range.


Arcana is very different from other variants of the Mage Class because Arcana uses many different cards to attack. The different card moves allow Arcana to wipe out enemies.

Assassins Class


Reaper has an amazing ability, using which Reaper becomes invisible. If we talk about the second ability, then the second ability of Reaper is to make clones. Reaper’s dash attacks give you the ability to destroy enemies with lightning speed.

Specialist New Class


Specialist is a brand new class and the subclass of this class is Artist. Artist has art and inc themed attacks which look pretty but are actually dangerous. Artist inflicts heavy damages on enemies with beautiful attacks.

These were the classes and subclasses that are missing in the western release of Lost Ark.

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