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Lost Ark: How To Get Pirate Coins

Lost Ark is an MMORPG game in which you need a lot of resources to survive. However, you can explore the vast map and complete quests to collect the resources present in the game but there is another easy way to get these resources and that way is Pirate Coins.

Pirate Coins are very important item because with the help of these coins you can trade many things like ship blueprints, honing materials etc, and with that, you can also do many different tasks. If you do not know where Pirate Coins are found and how to get these coins then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you about the locations of Pirate Coins and will also tell you what you have to do to get Pirate Coins.

The map of the Lost Ark game is huge and there are many islands in this map, although you will have to visit some specific islands to get Pirate Coins because Pirate Coins are not found on every island.

Lost Ark: List of islands on which Pirate Coins are found

In the islands listed below, you will find Pirate Coins as well as many other things like Silver, XP Cards, and Engraving Pouches which will be of great use to you. To easily find the islands given in this list, you can also type the names of those islands in the map.

  1. Golden Wave Island
  2. Runaways Island
  3. Turtle Island
  4. Freedom Island
  5. Blackfang’s Den Island
  6. Kalthertz Island
  7. Sublime Island
  8. Gaint Mushroom Island
  9. Atropos Island
  10. Isle of Yearning
  • To get Pirate Coins, you have to visit all these islands and complete the quests on those islands.

By using the above guide, you can get Pirate Coins very easily in the Lost Ark game.

How do you use Pirate Coins in the game? You can share your opinion by commenting in the comment box below. You can subscribe to our website to stay updated with similar information related to Lost Ark.

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