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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta Complete Details

Minecraft’s brand new beta has been released, in which we have got to see many experimental features, along with this a new feature has also been added to this beta which can prove to be useful in fighting with warden.

Experimental Features

In the beta of Minecraft, many experimental features related to Frog have been added, which is very interesting.

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Frogs used to jump a lot in the game before the beta update but now in the update, Frogs will jump very little i.e. now Frogs will jump only when they feel like it.

Tadpoles were added in the previous beta of the game which looked cute and their health was also very low, but now in beta the health of Tadpoles has been increased. After the increase in health, now the health of Tadpole has become 6.

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The food for Frogs has also been set in this beta update, which is going to be Slime Balls. Now you will be able to attract Frogs with the help of Smile Balls and with the help of these Slime Balls you will also be able to breed Frogs. Although it was officially confirmed that Fireflies will also be added to the game, which will be the food of Frogs. But Fireflies have not been added to the game yet.

Minecraft Beta

Goat Horn

The most highlighted feature of the beta update is Goat Horn. Goat Horn is a very important thing because with the help of Goat Horn you can produce very loud sound, However, after using Goat Horn once, you can use it again after a certain time, because the cooldown time of Goat Horn is set by the developers.

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Goat Horn produces sound, due to which you can use Goat Horn against Warden. Warden is a blind mob, due to which the power of sensing sound in Warden is very high. If you make a sound around the warden, then the warden starts moving in the direction of the voice. You can manipulate Warden by producing sound with the help of Goat Horn.

These were the features of Minecraft that have been introduced in the beta of

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