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The Privilege (2022) Review

For those who like horror genre movies, Netflix is no less than a paradise because you get to see a huge collection of horror content on Netflix and the recently released film The Privilege has worked to increase the same collection.

The Privilege (2022) is a German film that belongs to the horror category. If we talk about running time, then the duration of this film is 1 hour 47 minutes. The film has been released on Netflix with multiple languages.

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The Privilege film has been made in such a way that when you start watching this film, in the first 10 minutes itself, the film shows you a horrifying tragedy, due to which many questions will arise in your mind and your interest about the film will increase a lot.

Although this film manages to keep your interest for the first 30 to 40 minutes, but after that, as the film progresses, your interest will decrease because whatever you see in the beginning of the film has been explained in the last 1 hour in such a way that after watching you will be confused whether it is a horror film, psychological thriller film or sci-fi thriller film.

While watching this film, we get confused because the creators of this film have stuffed many things together in the film due to which they could not establish those things properly in the film. The horror element of the film gets suppressed in the process of showing many things at once, due to which we do not find this film so scary.

If we talk about acting, then we do not get to see the depthness in the acting of the actors present in the film, at the same time, their mutual coordination also seems to be weak. While watching the film, you will realize that many such things have been shown in this film which do not make any sense.

If you like horror films and expect that you will get to see tremendous horror in this film too, then this film will not buy your expectations at all. Overall, this is an average film that you can watch once for just entertainment.

Rating: 2.0/5

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