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Did Ezra Miller Confirm That Ben Affleck Could Play Batman After The Flash?

If you are a fan of DCEU and have watched Justice League, then you must have known Ezra Miller, because Ezra Miller is the same person who played the role of Flash in Justice League. Ezra Miller likes to be active on social media, due to which he often keeps posting on social media, although many of his posts are extraordinary because he posts something like that, due to which fans get confused.

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Recently, Ezra Miller posted a story on his Instagram account reacting to an article by Variety. This Variety article is based on an interview in which Ben Affleck confirmed that he would be playing Batman for the last time in Ezra Miller’s upcoming movie Flash, which clearly means that we will never see Ben Affleck in the role of Batman after the Flash movie.

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Although Ezra Miller has written HA, HA, HA in large capital letters by underlining the words “one last time” written on this article of Variety in Instagram Story. Fans are very confused after this Instagram story of Ezra Miller because on one hand Ben Affleck is clearly confirming that he will play Batman for the last time in the Flash film but on the other hand from Ezra Miller’s Instagram story, it seems that Ben Affleck is lying, which means that Ben Affleck will be given several other projects under the DCEU.

Although it’s too early to call Ben Affleck’s statement false based on Ezra Miller’s Instagram story, because Ezra Miller is an unpridictable person. That is, you will not be able to guess from Ezra Miller’s interview or social media posts whether he is joking or is serious. For example, a video of Ezra Miller went viral in which he was choking a woman and that video caused a lot of backlash but later it was found that the video was just a prank.

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Due to Ezra Miller’s unpridictable nature, we can’t completely believe his Instagram story, but this mystery-filled Instagram story by Ezra Miller has definitely given fans hope for the Snyderverse to return.

What are your thoughts on Ezra Miller’s Instagram Story? Do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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