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Elden Ring: Best Rune Farm Location For Early And Mid Game, 2.4 Million Runes Per Hour

Runes are very important thing in Elden Ring because Runes are the main currency of Elden Ring. You can also consider Runes as XP and with the help of Runes you can also buy items. Overall, the Runes are so important that you won’t be able to play the game without the Runes, and that’s why farming the Runes is so important.

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If you want to make your character as strong as possible, then you will have to farm Runes. You must have been aware that the easiest way to get Runes in the game is to kill the creatures, enemies and bosses which is also called Rune farming. Rune farming is very slow i.e. you get a very small amount of Runes in Rune farming, however by using some tricks you can make Rune farming fast and with that there are some locations in this game where you can get a lot of Runes.

If you want to make Rune Farming fast and want to get more Runes then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you about a place where you will get a lot of Runes.

Elden Ring: Golden Scarab Talisman

To make rune farming faster you will first need Golden Scarab Talisman, because Golden Scarab Talisman gives you 20% extra souls.

Elden Ring: How To Get Golden Scarab Talisman?

If you want to get the Golden Scarab Talisman, then you have to go to Abandoned Cave. After going to the cave you have to defeat all the enemies and boss, after which you will get Golden Scarab Talisman.

Eld Ring: Best Rune Farm Spot For Early/Mid Game

First you have to defeat Godrick because without defeating Godrick you will not be able to start this quest line. If you want to defeat Godrick easily then you can watch the video given below.

After defeating Godrick, you have to talk to that NPC that you talked to after exiting the cave at the start of the game, After the talk is over, you have to go straight to Rose Church. After reaching Rose Church, you will have to talk to the NPC present there, while talking, he will give you dialogue options, from which you have to select the “Two Fingers Seemed Off” dialogue. As soon as you select the “Two Fingers Seemed Off” dialog, he will give you 5 “Festing Bloody Fingers” that you can use to invade other players.

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To complete this quest, you’ll have to invade other players three times using Festering Bloody Finger. After invading the three players, you will have to talk to the NPC near Rose Church once again, after the conversation is over, that NPC will give you “Lord Of Blood’s Favour” which is a piece of cloth and you have to dip that piece of cloth in Maiden’s blood.

To dip a piece of cloth in Maiden’s blood, you will have to go to the Church of Inhibition. When you go inside the church, you will get to see Maiden there and you can complete your task through that Maiden. After completing the task, you’ll have to go back to talk to the NPC near Rose Church once again. When talking to the NPC, you have to offer your finger to that NPC, after which you will get a bloody finger and if you talk to that NPC again, you will also get the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

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Pureblood Knight’s Medal will teleport you to a location where you’ll be able to farm tons of Rune. Before starting farming, you have to find the grace point so that you can respawn at that place. After finding the grace point, you have to kill all the enemies present there. When you kill all the enemies you will get a lot of Rune. You can get tons of Rune by killing those enemies as many times as you want.

That’s how you can get lots of Runes in Elden Ring.

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