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Elden Ring: Best Sword For Mage | Elden Ring: Crystal Sword Location

There are many powerful swords available in the Elden Ring game, but those swords are for those classes that specialize in melee weapons, that is, if you are playing the game as a mage, then those swords will not be of much use to you.

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Most of the swords present in the game have been made only for the classes using melee weapons because the astrology class means that the mage needs a sword very little. Because a pure mage only fights with the help of Spell, Incantation, and other long-range magical things. However, sometimes such a situation is also created when the mage has to use the melee weapon and do close combat even if he does not want to, and to deal with such a situation, Crystal Sword has been created.

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Elden Ring: Crystal Sword Details

If you are playing the game as a mage, then Crystal Sword proves to be a must-have weapon for you because this sword is designed to keep mage in mind. This sword deals additional magic damage, along with that this sword also has a dangerous skill, which is called Spinning Slash. Spinning Slash is a skill in which your character will spin body and with the help of Crystal Sword inflict tremendous damage to the enemy.

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Elden Ring: How To Get Crystal Sword

If you want to get the Crystal Sword, then you have to go to the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes. In the Village of the Albinaurics, you’ll find a rope bridge with a dead-end right in front of it, and you’ll find the Crystal Sword at the edge of that dead end.

If you are having trouble in finding Crystal Sword, then you can get Crystal Sword with the help of the above video.

This way you can get the best sword for your mage character.

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