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Elden Ring: 5 Best Summons After 1.03 Update

Recently Elden Ring‘s new update 1.03 has been released by the developer. 1.03 is a big update as new NPCs have been added in that update, new quest phases have been added, many things have been buffed and nerfed, and many bugs have been fixed.

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Although 1.03 is a huge update and a lot of things are included in this update but one of the biggest highlights of this update is the buffs and nerfs. The update has buffed and nerfed a lot of things in the game, including summons.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the best summons that you can use after 1.03 update.

Elden Ring: Crystalian Ashes Summon Details And Location

If you’re looking for a summon that you can use to defend yourself, then Crystalian Ashes is for you, as Crystalian Ashes is an extreme tanky summon that you can use to defend yourself. The special thing about Crystalian Ashes is that you can also use this summon as a distraction because this summon is so strong that it does not easily die in front of bosses.

Elden Ring: Black Knife Tiche Summon Details And Location

Black Knife Tiche is the spirit of an assassin with a dangerous knife. This summon performs well against a single enemy because this summon is an assassin. Black Knife Tiche is a fast and agile summon and also shoots projectiles that cause heavy damage to enemies.

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Elden Ring: Lhutel The Headless Summon Details And Location

Just like Crystalian Ashes, Lhutel The Headless is also a tanky summon because this summon has heavy armor and a big shield. The ability of this summon is tremendous as it teleports itself to avoid damage. This summon can also perform long-range attacks by throwing its spear.

Elden Ring: Greatshield Soldier Ashes Summon Details And Location

The name of the Greatshield Soldier Ashes summon suggests that it is a tanky summon. This is a great summon because in this summon you will find 5 shielded skeletons that will harass the enemies a lot and will block the enemy attacks continuously. Skeletons have the ability to throw ghost fire and because of this ability, they can also deliver damage to enemies from long range. If you are playing the game as a mage or an archer then this summon is for you.

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Elden Ring: Rotten Stray Ashes Summon Details And Location

If you are a beginner and in the early phase of the game then Rotten Stray Ashes summon is just for you as you can find this summon very easily in the early game too. This summon will be of great use to you in the early game because this summon is very efficient ie this summon will consume your FP in very small amounts. In this summon you will find a rotton dog which is very dangerous because this dog keeps reducing the health of enemies until they are defeated.

These were the best 5 summons that you can use after 1.03 update.

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