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Elden Ring: How To Fix & Reset NPC Deaths | Elden Ring: How To Reset NPC Deaths In Story Questlines

Elden Ring is a game in which no one is safe, that is, you can kill most of the NPCs present in the game. Although sometimes it happens when we accidentally kill those NPCs, killing them is unnecessary or their survival would have proved beneficial for progress in the game.

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If you have also accidentally killed an NPC in the game that you wanted to keep alive, then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you can revive or reset the NPC killed in the game.

Elden Ring: Celestial Dew Details

If you want to bring back to life the NPC’s you’ve killed, you can use Celestial Dew. Celestial Dew is a consumable item, and you can use this item to bring NPCs back to life as well as many other things.

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Elden Ring: How To Find Celestial Dew?

Celestial Dew is also exactly like other consumable items, that is, you can loot Celestial Dew from different places like other consumable items, and if you have gone to Eternal City or any underground location so you must have found Celestial Dew there too. But if you haven’t met Celestial Dew yet, then you can buy Celestial Dew from many different vendors in the game.

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Elden Ring: Celestial Dew Locations

Elden Ring Celestial Dew Locations

Elden Ring: How To Use Celestial Dew To Reset & Fix NPC?

After getting the Celestial Dew, you have to go to the Church of Vows in the North-Eastern part of Liurnia. After going to the Church of Vows, you have to interact with the turtle present there. After interacting with the turtle, you have to go to the fountain there and use your Celestial Dew. As soon as you use Celestial Dew in the Fountain, your sins will be absolved, causing the NPCs you killed to come back to life or reset.

This is how you can bring an NPC back to life in the Elden Ring game.

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