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Elden Ring: How To Get Fingerprint Stone Shield | How To Get Fingerprint Stone Shield In Elden Ring

If you use short-range melee weapons in Elden Ring game and like close combat then shield becomes very important for you. Shield can prove to be your best friend in intense close combat of Elden Ring because with the help of shield you will be able to block the attacks of enemies and protect yourself.

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Elden Ring: Fingerprint Stone Shield Details

Although there are many shields present in Elden Ring, but in this article, we will tell you about Fingerprint Stone shield which is the best shield present in the game. With the combination of fully upgraded Fingerprint Stone Shield and Right Talisman, you will be able to block any attack. Although Fingerprint Stone Shield is just a giant stone but this stone has the Highest Guard Boost rating and this stone has fantastic blocking potential.

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There is no doubt that Fingerprint Stone Shield will give you tremendous protection and will also protect you from enemies, but the weight of this shield is very high, due to which the use of this shield will reduce your mobility. There is also a skill in this shield, which is called Shield Bash. Using the Shield Bash skill, you can also ram enemies with the help of your shield.

Elden Ring: How To Get Fingerprint Stone Shield?

To get the Fingerprint Stone Shield, you have to go to the Subterranean shunning grounds. After reaching the Subterranean shunning grounds, you have to explore the sewers until you find the boss in a church. In the church, you will get to see the chest behind which a secret door is made, you have to hit that door, after which a tunnel-like path will appear in front of you.

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You have to proceed on that tunnel-like path, after moving forward you will see a slender bridge-like structure, after climbing on which you have to go down while doing parkour with the help of gravestones. Near the bottom, you will see a big gravestone, after jumping on which you have to come inside the building and collect the Fingerprint Stone Shield present there.

If you are having trouble finding ​Fingerprint Stone Shield then you can watch the above video.

In this way, you can get Fingerprint Stone Shield.

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