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Elden Ring: How To Get Royal Knight's Resolve | Elden Ring: Royal Knight's Resolve Location

In this article, we will tell you about a great and powerful skill of Elden Ring which is named Royal Knight’s Resolve.

Royal Knight’s Resolve is a skill that you can attach to all of your melee weapons. With the help of this skill, you can buff the damage, that is, the melee weapon on which you will attach this skill, the damage of that melee weapon will increase.

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How To Get Royal Knight’s Resolve In Elden Ring?

To get Royal Knight’s Resolve, you have to go to a location called Schoolhouse Classroom in Raya Lucaria Academy. After reaching the Schoolhouse Classroom location, you will see a big wheel spinning there which is a lift, you have to get down through that wheel. After descending, you will face a box-like enemy named Abductor.

You don’t have to fight the Abductor, but you just have to stand in front of him so that he catches you, ties you in his box, and then kills you. When you die in the Abductor’s box, you will be teleported directly to the Volcano Manor location.

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After reaching Volcano Manor, you have to reach the room in which the Royal Knight’s Resolve is kept near the chimney fireplace. However, the way to reach Royal Knight’s Resolve from Volcano Manor is very complex and lengthy due to which you have to watch the video give below, because with the help of the video below, you will be able to get from Volcano Manor to Royal Knight’s Resolve very easily.

In this way you can get the overpowered Royal Knight’s Resolve and increase the damage to your melee weapon.

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How did you like Royal Knight’s Resolve skill? With which weapon do you use Royal Knight’s Resolve skill, do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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