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Rune Factory 5: How To Make Monster Barn And Put Your Monster Into Your Barn | How To Make Monster Barn In Rune Factory 5

Just like the other games in the Rune Factory franchise, Rune Factory 5 is also a great game, because the plot of this game is very strong and the game gives you a great gameplay experience. According to the plot, your main task in this game is to defend the town from different monsters.

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In the game, you will get to see many different monsters which have their own different powers. You can fight and tame monsters, which is pretty cool, Although you’ll also need a monster barn to keep the monsters you’ve tame. If you do not know how to make a monster barn then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you can make a monster barn and keep your monsters in a monster barn.

When you progress in the game, you will get the task of making a monster barn in the task board of the game, you have to accept that task. After accepting the task, you have to go to Palmo Studio and have a conversation with the NPC present there. During the conversation, you have to click on the option “I’d like to renovate something”, after which the inventory will open, you have to buy a monster barn from the inventory.

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After buying a monster barn you have to give a name to your monster barn and then come back to your home. As soon as you return home, you will receive a brush that you can use to keep your monsters clean and happy.

After creating the monster barn, now you have to put your monster in the monster barn. If you do not have a monster, then you have to go out and capture any monster. After capturing the monster, you have to befriend that monster for which you can feed it food. After becoming a friend of the monster, you have to give a name to your monster.

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After give a name to the monster, when you interact with your monster, you will see the option “send back to barn” using which you can send your monster to the barn.

In this way, you can create a monster barn in Rune Factory 5 and put your monster in the barn.

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