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Coromon: All Legendary (Titans) Coromon Locations | How To Find Legendary (Dark Magic) Coromon

If we call Coromon game as pokemon 2.0 then it will not be wrong at all because the concept of Coromon game is also exactly like pokemon. Just like pokemon, in Coromon game, we also get to see many different monsters which are called Coromon. Like pokemon, we can also tame Coromon. There are many different types of monsters in the Coromon game such as normal, electric, ghost, send, fire, ice, water, magic, foul, heavy, air, poison, cut, and legendary, However, out of all these Coromon, the Coromon we are going to talk about is the Legendary Coromon.

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In this article, we will tell you about all the Legendary Coromon and also we will tell you about the location of all the Legendary Coromon.

Before telling about the location of Legendary Coromon, we want to give you a spoiler warning because the Legendary Coromon we will tell you about is all endgame Coromon and you will encounter all these Legendary Coromon in the main story. The strange thing is that you could not catch all these legendary Coromon.

Currently, there are total of 7 Legendary Coromon in this game and each Legendary Coromon is present in different parts of the map.

Arcta & Arcturos

Arcta and Arcturos are floating Coromon that look like crystals. When Arcta reaches level 24, it evolves into Arcturos. You will find Arcta & Arcturos in the first section of the Ixqun map.

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Ucaclaw is a crab that is difficult to defeat because Ucaclaw has a hard shell that protects him from enemy strikes, and Ucaclaw also has 2 strong claws that allow him to destroy enemies. You will also find Ucaclaw in the first section of the Ixqun map.

Lampyre & Lumasect

Lampyre & Lumasect is electric type Coromon. When the Lampyre reaches level 16, it evolves into Lumasect. After exiting Ixqun and surfing east, you will find Lampyre & Lumasect on the next island.

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Centilla & Millidont

When Centilla reaches level 36, it evolves into Millidont. To find Centilla & Millidont, you have to go to the final platform in the South and West.

This was the location information of 7 legendary Coromon.

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