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Elden Ring: Best Underrated Scythe | How To Get Most Powerful Scythe (Grave Scythe) In Elden Ring

Many different varieties of weapons have been added by the developers in the Elden Ring game, out of which some weapons have become very popular among the players, and there are some powerful weapons that the players are not even aware of. In this article, we will tell you about one such underrated weapon which is Grave Scythe. Grave Scythe is a great weapon.

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Before telling about Grave Scythe weapon, we will tell you about Scythe. Scythe is a weapon that is used in agriculture and along with that this weapon is also used to trim grass, although this weapon is not cool because it is used for agriculture or gress trimming, but this weapon is cool because this weapon is used by Grim Reaper. Although Grim Reaper is a mythological character but whenever we think of Scythe, the image of Grim Reaper also emerges in our mind.

Grave Scythe is a very strong and underrated weapon. This weapon has a skill called Spinning Slash, with the help of Spinning Slash you can deliver heavy damage on enemies. You can use any Ashes of War in that weapon, which is a good thing. This weapon works to increase your immunity, as well as equipping this weapon, your vitality also increases up to 35. You can also upgrade this scythe but for that, you will need Smithing Stone.

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Elden Ring: Where To Find Grave Scythe?

If you want to get Grave Scythe, you’ll need to defeat Gravekeeper Skeletons. Gravekeeper Skeletons are enemies that you’ll find in three places.

1. Liurnia of the Lakes, South Graveyard.
2. Stillwater Cave.
3. Caelid, near the entrance to Sellia Hideaway.

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By visiting these three places, you can defeat Gravekeeper Skeletons. There is no guarantee that you will get a Grave Scythe surely after defeating Gravekeeper Skeletons because Grave Scythe’s drop rate is very low due to which you may have to kill the Gravekeeper Skeletons multiple times.

If you don’t get a Grave Scythe after killing all the Gravekeeper Skeletons once, then you have to reset the Gravekeeper Skeletons by going to the nearest grace point and killing them again, you have to repeat this until you find the Grave Scythe.

In this way, you can get Grave Scythe.

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