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Pokemon Unite: Upcoming Expected Pokemon In October 2022

If you are an old player of Pokemon Unite, then you must have aware that new pokemon are added to Pokemon Unite every month. If we talk about September 2022, then in September 2022, 3 brand new pokemon will be added to the game which include Mew, Dodrio and Scizor. After the announcement of the pokemon which are coming in the month of September, now the players are very excited for the pokemon coming in the month of October, if you are also excited about the pokemon coming in October 2022 then this article is for you because in this article we have predicted pokemon which are coming in October 2022.

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There have been some rumors about the new pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite in October 2022, under which in October 2022 Pokemon Unite may have 2 new pokemon additions, one of which can be a supporter pokemon and the other can be a defender pokemon. Although rumours are pointing to the supporter and defender type pokemon but the chances are also very high that in October 2022 we will get to see one pokemon ghost type out of two pokemon because the Halloween event comes in the month of October.

Now this question must be coming in to your mind that which two pokemon are going to come in October 2022? The names of many pokemon are included in rumours, but in this article we will tell you the names of only those pokemon which have more chances of coming.

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If we talk about the first pokemon, then the first pokemon can be Mismagius which is a ghost type pokemon and you can use this pokemon as a supporter pokemon. Mismagius has an ability called Levitate and if we talk about weakness, then Mismagius’s weakness is ghost and dark type pokemon.

The second pokemon could be Guzzlord which is a dark, dragon pokemon and you can use this pokemon as a defender pokemon because this pokemon has a lot of HP. Guzzlord’s weakness is Fairy, Fighting, Bug, Ice and Dragon type pokemon.

The third pokemon could be Golett, which is a ground, ghost type pokemon. This pokemon has an ability called iron fist and klutz, if we talk about weakness, then the weakness of this pokemon is water, ghost, grass, dark and ice type pokemon.

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These were the three pokemon that could appear in the Pokemon Unite next month. This information has been shared keeping in mind the rumors, due to which the authentication of this information cannot be confirmed.

Which pokemon do you think can be added to Pokemon Unite in the next month? You can tell your prediction by commenting in the comment box below.

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