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Clash of Clans: How To Get More Capital Raid Attacks | Clash of Clans: How To Get More Capital the Raid Bonus Attacks

Recently Clan Capital has been added to Clash of Clans through a brand new update. You can also call Clan Capital third base, although this third base does not belong to any individual but belongs to the entire clan.

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Every week during Raid Weekend, players can attack and destroy the clean capital of the opponent. To attack the Clan Capital of the opponent, each player is given a total of 5 attacks and in those 5 attacks, the players have to destroy the base of the opponent, however, you can also get extra attacks with the help of a technique. If you do not know how to get an additional capital raid attack then this article is for you.

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If you want to get bonus attack in Raid Weekend, then you have to 100% destroy any one district of the opponent, when you destroy 100% of any district of the opponent, you will get 1 bonus attack i.e. you will get 6 attacks instead of 5. Remember that you can get a bonus attack only once, ie if you have got 1 bonus attack by destroying 100% of one district of the opponent, after that if you destroy the second district of the opponent 100% also then you will not get any bonus attack.

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Let us make it clear to you that to get the bonus attack it is not necessary at all that only you have attacked any particular district of the opponent ie if your clan mate has destroyed 70% of any particular district after that If you attack that district and destroy it 100%, you will still get a bonus attack.

In this way you can get extra attacks during Raid Weekend and get more Capital Gold with the help of bonus attacks.

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