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Slime Rancher 2: How To Get Cuberry | Where To Find Cuberry In Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2: How To Get Cuberry | Where To Find Cuberry In Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2: How To Get Cuberry | Where To Find Cuberry In Slime Rancher 2
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Finally, the moment that gamers have been waiting for a long time has come as the most awaited game Slime Rancher 2 has been released. If you are enjoying this game then you must have known that the most interesting and impressive part of this game is the cute-looking slimes which you have to collect and raise.

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Raising slimes is not an easy task because to raise slimes you have to feed them a lot of food. If you are a beginner and you do not know much about slimes, then let us tell you that there are mainly two types of slimes, out of which the first type is carnivorous and the second type is herbivorous.

Carnivorous slimes are called those who like to eat meat and if we talk about herbivorous, then herbivorous slimes mainly like to eat vegetables and fruits. If you have both carnivorous and herbivorous slimes, you will need both crops and meat to feed them.

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There are many different slimes in this game whose favorite food is also different, however in this article, we will only talk about Phosphor Slime and its favorite food. The favorite food of Phosphor Slime is Cuberry and if you have any Phosphor Slime then you should feed him Cuberry.

If you do not find how to get Cuberry, then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you can get Cuberry.

How To Get Cuberry In Slime Rancher 2

It is very easy to spot a Cuberry in the game Slime Rancher 2 because the Cuberry looks exactly like a Strawberry.

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  • If you want to get Cuberry, you’ll have to go to the Rainbow Fields region. After going to the Rainbow Fields region, you have to head over to the western coast because you will find many Cuberry trees on the western coast. You will be able to get a lot of Cuberries from Cuberry trees.
  • If we talk about another way to get Cuberries, then you can also get Cuberries from vases located at different hidden locations. To get the Cuberries from the vase you have to break the vase after which you will get a few Cuberries.
  • If you require a lot of Cuberries, then we would suggest that you should plant Cuberries in your garden because by doing so you will get a lot of Cuberries.

This is how you can get Cuberries in Slime Rancher 2. Did you like the information given in this article? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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