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How To Farm Lotus Seeds In Bayonetta 3 | Bayonetta 3: How To Farm Lotus Seeds

Bayonetta 3: How To Farm Lotus Seeds

Bayonetta 3: How To Farm Lotus Seeds
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Bayonetta 3, the third installment of the popular action-adventure video game franchise Bayonetta, has finally been released. Bayonetta 3 is a hack-and-slash game in which players will experience tremendous action because all the missions in this game are loaded with tremendous action.

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Because Bayonetta 3 is a hack-and-slash game, you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies in this game, and to face the enemies you’ll always have to keep yourself upgraded. You’ll need a lot of Lotus Seeds to keep yourself upgraded because Lotus Seeds is the game’s currency and without Lotus Seeds, you won’t be able to upgrade anything.

If you do not know how to get lots of Lotus Seeds then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about how you will be able to farm Lotus Seeds.

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How To Farm Lotus Seeds In Bayonetta 3

You will get the best chance to farm Lotus Seeds in Bayonetta 3 game, when you do the motorcycle level of Side Chapter 4 because by doing the motorcycle level of Side Chapter 4 you will get about 35000 Lotus Seeds every 5 minutes which is a very amazing thing.

Side Chapter 4’s motorcycle level will be a 2D type side scrolling level in which you will play Jeanne instead of Bayonetta. In the motorcycle level, you have to defeat the enemies and when you defeat the enemies, they will drop the Lotus Seeds which you have to collect.

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When you play the game for a while, you will face a shiny enemy, you have to defeat that shiny enemy after which that shiny enemy will drop a teapot. When you collect the teapot, a miracle happens and Jeanne will transform into her most dangerous and powerful form, Cutie J.

When Jeanne transforms into Cutie J, suddenly a lot of enemies will start spawning which you have to eliminate. The more enemies you eliminate, the more Lotus Seeds you will get, however, keep one thing in mind that Jeanne will only be in her most powerful form Cutie J for 20 seconds, that is, you will get only 20 seconds to farm lot’s of Lotus Seeds.

In this way you will be able to farm Lotus Seeds very easily in Bayonetta 3. Did you like this information? You can share your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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