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Soulstone Survivors Best Builds | Soulstone Survivors Builds

Soulstone Survivors Best Builds

Soulstone Survivors
Image via: Game Smithing Limited

Soulstone Survivors is a brand new Action Roguelike game developed and published by Game Smithing Limited, a game development company. In Soulstone Survivors, you play a Void Hunter who has to fight enemies and defeat powerful bosses.

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The game offers you 14 powerful characters that can help you eliminate the dangerous lords and countless minions of the void. Your main goal in this game is to defeat the mighty lords of void and grab their Soulstones to become a powerful god, however, to accomplish this goal you have to make yourself strong, and to make yourself strong you will have to take the help of powerful builds.

If you do not know what are the best builds in Soulstone Survivors, then this article will prove to be very important for you because in this article we will tell you about some of the best builds that you can use to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Soulstone Survivors Best Builds Guide

In this article, we will tell you about total 4 such builds of Soulstone Survivors, using which you can wreak havoc on your enemies.

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Soulstone Survivors: Spells Spamming Build Guide

Spells Spamming is a build that is based on magic. If you use this build, you don’t need to get too close to enemies to eliminate enemies because the focus of this build is to throw as much magic projectile as possible at enemies. Because the Spells Spamming build is based on magic, you’ll need to use the Arcane Weaver character and Arcane Staff (Weapon) in this build. If you want to make Spells Spamming build more powerful then you can use passives as passives will increase your attack damage.

Soulstone Survivors: Powerful Berseker Build Guide

Powerful Berseker is a very powerful build that is based on instant-cast skills, bleeding, and physical attacks. In Powerful Berseker build you have to use instant-cast and physical skills and if you want to make this build even more effective then you can use passives and attack speed buffs. If we talk about character and weapon, then in this build you have to use Spellbreaker character and give him the most powerful weapon Bloodgod’s Legacy.

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Soulstone Survivors: Magic Bolt Build Guide

If we talk about the Magic Bolt build, then just like the Spells Spamming build, the Magic Bolt build is also based on Magic. Just like Spells Spamming build, in the Magic Bolt build, you can target enemies from a safe distance. Using this build, you will become a mage who will wreak havoc by throwing magic bolts at enemies. In Magic Bolt build you have to use active skills like Lightning Bolt, Fire Bolt, Poison Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Frost Bolt and Chain Lightning.

Soulstone Survivors: Summoner Build Guide

If you like characters who have their own summon, like “Hound Master” then Summoner build is for you, because this build is for those characters who have their own summon. In Summoner build you have to choose all the possible summons present in the game. If you want to take the power of your Summoner build to the next level, you should use the Bloodlust buff.

These were some of the best builds of Soulstone Survivors game that you can use to perform better in the game. Did you like this information? You can share your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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