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Dark And Darker: Best Weapons, Skills, And Perks For The Ranger | Best Weapons, Skills, And Perks For The Ranger In Dark And Darker

Best Weapons, Skills, And Perks For The Ranger In Dark And Darker

Best Weapons, Skills, And Perks For The Ranger In Dark And Darker
Image via: IRONMAC

Dark and Darker developed by IRONMACE is an RPG game in which players have to explore and loot dark and dangerous dungeons and then escape the arena with the loot through a portal. To do this whole process, players can choose their favorite class from the many unique classes present in the game.

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Although there are many different powerful classes in this game, but in this article, we will talk about only one class, which is Ranger. Ranger is known for using bow and arrow i.e. the primary weapon of this class is bow and arrow. We can call Ranger the best solo class because Ranger’s damage, mobility, and survivability are very good, however, with the help of best weapons, skills, and perks, Ranger can be further enhanced and for this reason, In this article, we have given information about best weapons, skills, and perks for Ranger.

Dark And Darker: Best Weapons for Ranger

Primary Weapon

Ranger can equip 3 types of bows which are Long Bow, Re-Curved Bow, and Survival Bow.

  • Long Bow: The positive point of this bow is its tremendous damage because the damage of this bow is more than Re-Curved Bow and Survival Bow, due to which, heavy damage can be given to enemies with the help of this bow. Talking about the negative point, this bow is a bit heavy due to which this bow works slow and also reduces your movement speed.
  • Survival Bow: Unlike Long Bow, it is a lightweight bow, due to which the damage of this bow is very less, Although being lightweight, the fire rate of this bow is high and this bow also increases your movement speed.
  • Re-Curved Bow: You can call this bow a mixture of Long Bow and Survival Bow because this bow contains some qualities of both Long Bow and Survival Bow.

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If we talk about the best bow among these three, then it is Re-Curved Bow which you can use in both PVP and PVE modes. If you do not have any problem with slow movement speed, then you can also consider Long Bow.

Secondary Weapon

If we talk about the secondary weapon, then as a secondary weapon, you can consider Rapier Sword because Rapier is a fast and component sword.

Melee Weapon

With Ranger you will feel very less need of melee weapon but still if we talk about best melee weapon for Ranger then that weapon is Spear because with the help of Spear you can attack by keeping enough distance from enemies.

Dark And Darker: Best Skills for Ranger

If we talk about the best skills for Ranger, then those skills are Quick Shot and Field Ration.

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  • Quick Shot: Quick Shot is a great skill that lets you fire 3 arrows in rapid succession, this skill proves effective in defeating squishy enemies quickly.
  • Field Ration: Field Ration is a skill with the help of which you can increase your survivability as this skill gives you 25 HP instantly.

Apart from these two skills, you can also consider True Shot, and Quick Fire skills.

Dark And Darker: Best Perks for Ranger

If we talk about the best perks for Ranger, then those perks are Sharpshooter, Enhanced Hearing, Tracking, and Nimble Hands. All four of these perks will act as herbs for the Ranger and boost the Ranger’s abilities.

This was information about the best weapons, skills, and perks of the Ranger class. Did you like this information? You can share your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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