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Season 4 Of Apex Legends Mobile May Be Delayed By 4 Weeks

Season 4 Of Apex Legends Mobile May Be Delayed By 4 Weeks

Season 4 Of Apex Legends Mobile May Be Delayed By 4 Weeks
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If you are an Apex Legends Mobile player and are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile, then your wait may be a bit longer because it looks like season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile is going to be delayed by almost 4 weeks.

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Actually, the end date of the currently running Season 3.5 battle pass is 10 January 2023, due to which it is being speculated that Season 4 will be released after 10 January 2023. but now the end date of the seasonal store (Underworld Hub) has become 14 February 2023, that means now the end of the seasonal store will be on 14 February 2023.

Looking at the end date of the seasonal store, it seems that the current Season 3.5 will run till February 14, 2023, and Season 4 will launch after February 14, 2023, although there is no concrete evidence for the delay of Season 4 at the moment because at present, no official announcement has been made by the developers regarding the delay of Season 4, but this does not mean that Season 4 cannot be delayed because in the past, Season 3 was delayed for 2 weeks, due to which many players were very angry.

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It is obvious that if Season 4 is delayed like Season 3, then many players will not be happy at all, because when the players will complete the current battle pass, there will be nothing interesting in the game that can excite the players or maintain their excitement.

We hope that the developers release Season 4 on time, that is, do not delay and Season 4 meets the expectations of the players so that the Apex Legends Mobile’s train that has fallen off the track can come back on track and run at full speed.

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Are you excited for Season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile? Do you think Season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile will be delayed? You can tell the answers to these questions by commenting in the comment box given below.

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