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Forspoken: How To Clear Monuments | How To Remove The Break From Monuments In Forspoken

How To Remove The Break From Monuments In Forspoken

How To Remove The Break From Monuments In Forspoken
Image via: Eurogamer

Forspoken developed by Luminous Productions is a role-playing game full of action and adventure. In the Forspoken game, players will take on the role of a 20-year-old female named Frey Holland. Frey Holland is an American citizen who lives in New York but one day she is magically transported to the land of Athia. Athia is a beautiful and mysterious land ruled by Tantas. Tantas have corrupted the land of Athia with their evil powers due to which the citizens of Athia are very upset and want to get rid of Tantas.

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Players as Frey Holland have to fight against the evil forces oppressing the land of Athia and defeat the Tantas who rule Athia so that the citizens of Athia can live happily. It all sounds very simple but it is not because Tantas are very powerful, due to which players will need a lot of abilities and skills to defeat Tantas.

Players can use various Monuments present on Athia’s land to boost Frey Holland’s stat. With the help of Monuments, players can boost Frey Holland’s powers a lot, and one good thing is that this work is very easy and fast, that is, players can do this work during any of their quests, although many players do not know how to boost stat with the help of Monuments. If you are also one of those people then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about Monuments and also tell how to boost powers with the help of Monuments.

Forspoken: Monuments Explained

Forspoken Monuments Image
Image via: Luminous Productions

First of all, let us tell you what are Monuments. Monuments are a kind of stone sculptures which are present in many places on the land of Athia. Monuments can also be said to be sources of power because Monuments store the powers of Tantas, due to which if you free Monuments from corruption, you will get very important rewards which will prove useful in boosting your stat.

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Forspoken: How To Remove The Break From Monuments

To get the rewards from the Monuments present on the land of Athia, you must first find the Monuments and then remove The Break wrapped on the Monuments which is the corruption spread by Tantas.

Forspoken Monuments Map Icon
Image via: Luminous Productions

Now the question must be coming to your mind that how to remove The Break wrapped on the Monuments? To remove The Break wrapped on Monuments, you have to attack on the base of Monuments with the help of Rage Slice, Blast Slice & Slice attacks. You have to continue the attack until The Break sticking on the Monuments is not removed i.e. the corruption is not destroyed.

After corruption is broken you have to go to Monuments and then interact with Monuments, when you interact with Monuments there will be a cut scene trigger in which you will see that Frey Holland will get new buffs and skills from Monuments. In this way, you can gain lots of rewards by freeing Monuments from corruption and boost your stat.

Note: Many players may have trouble reaching the Monuments as the Monuments on the land of Athia are usually found on elevated platforms, however, the solution to this problem is Frey Holland’s parkour abilities. Actually, players can reach Monuments very easily with the help of Frey Holland’s Parkour abilities, but to use Frey Holland’s parkour abilities, players must first unlock those abilities.

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Forspoken: Monument Rewards

Forspoken Monument Rewards
Image via: Luminous Productions

Now the question must be flashing in your mind that what kind of rewards do you get from Monuments? and how will it be known that which reward has been received from which Monument? Basically, you get stat boosts rewards for completing Monuments. If after completing a particular Monument, you want to know which reward you got from that Monument, then you have to hover over the icon of that Monument on the map.

We would suggest that you should complete all the monuments as soon as possible because if you complete all the Monuments in the early phase of the game, then your stat will get a lot of boost and you will be able to explore Athia easily.

If you do not know, then let us tell you that there are total 50 Monuments in Forspoken game, after completing which you will get Pilgrimage: Adept trophy and achievement.

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