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Call of Duty Warzone 2: Is Resurgence Solos Gone | Why Is Resurgence Solos Gone From Warzone 2

Why Is ResurgenceSolos Gone From Warzone 2

Why Is ResurgenceSolos Gone From Warzone 2
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Season 2 is currently running in Call of Duty Warzone 2, the most popular battle royale game of 2023, which people are very fond of. Season 2 was released last month i.e. on 15 February 2023, with which a brand new map, battle pass, and the much-loved Resurgence mode also came.

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The solos mode was released by the developers on February 24, 2023, in everyone’s favorite Resurgence mode, due to which players started liking Resurgence mode even more, but now a lot of players are noticing that the solos mode has disappeared from their favorite Resurgence mode.

The sudden removal of solos mode from Resurgence mode has left many players upset and they want to know why solos were removed from Resurgence mode. If you are also one of those people and want to know why solos mode was removed from Resurgence mode then this article is for you because in this article you will get answers to all your questions.

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Why Is Resurgence Solos Gone From Warzone 2

Solos mode has been removed from the game only a few days after its release, which has caused many players to be angry with the developers. Currently, at the time of writing this article, solos mode is not available in the game, the reason for which you can know from the tweet embedded below which has been posted by the developers.

As the tweet embedded above shows, the squad playlist was set to rotate every week, so when the weekend of February 24 passed, the playlist was updated by the developers. Currently, you can only play Resurgence in squads instead of solo, although many players don’t like to play with squads in Resurgence, because they say that it is not much fun to join the lobby of random players because there is no good coordination with random players and it is very difficult to bring the other three close friends together for the squad. Amidst these dilemma-filled complaints, the question is also arising in the minds of the players that will the solos mode come back now?

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Will Resurgence Solos Come Back In Warzone 2

The information about whether solos mode will return in Resurgence is not available at the moment because at present no official information has been given by the developers about it. For now, all you can do is wait for the solos mode to come back in the game or enjoy the Resurgence mode by forming a squad with your friends or other players.

What would be your decision? Will you wait for the solos mode to return or bring your friends together to form a squad and enjoy the Resurgence mode? You can definitely share the answers to the questions by commenting in the comment box given below.

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