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Soulmask: How To Get And Use Corn? | How To Get Corn In Soulmask

Soulmask: How To Get And Use Corn? | How To Get Corn In Soulmask

Soulmask: How To Get And Use Corn? | How To Get Corn In Soulmask
Image via: gamertweak

Soulmask developed by CampFire Studio is an open world survival craft game in which players can explore the massive open world and do many interesting activities, however, to do all this, players will have to maintain the power of their character and to maintain the character's power, players will have to keep satisfying the character's hunger, for which the best option is Corn.

Corn is a crop with the help of which players can satisfy the hunger of their character and their character's mount, apart from that, with the help of Corn, dishes like Roasted Corn, Corn Flour, Alpaca Llama Feed can also be made in the game, that is, Corn is a very important item but it is difficult to find this important item in the vast map of the game and that is why we have brought this guide for you, in which we have given complete information about how Corn can be easily found.

How To Get Corn In Soulmask?

First of all, let us tell you that there are 2 ways to get Corn in Soulmask game and those two ways are as follows:

  1. To get Corn, you can grow Corn in your farm
  2. You can loot Corn from enemy camps

1. Soulmask: How to get Corn from farming?

This method of getting Corn is a bit complicated because to get Corn in this way, you must have Corn seeds because without seeds you will not be able to grow Corn in the field. Now the question must be coming in your mind that how to get Corn seeds? You can get Corn seeds from abundant settlements, enemy camps, and chests.

Apart from that, you can also extract seeds from Corn but for that you will have to crush the Corn and to crush the Corn, you will have to craft a Grinder. You can craft the Grinder with x10 Stones and x5 Planks.

After getting the Corn seeds, you have to start farming for which you have to unlock “Crop Planting Technology”. You’ll find it in the Knowledge & Technology menu under the Dawn of the New Tribe category. If you don’t know how to do farming then you can read this guide.

2. How to loot Corn from enemy camps?

There are many enemy camps in the massive map of Soulmask game where you can get Corn, all you have to do is go to the location of the enemy camps given below and loot the Corn from their farms there. When you try to go to the enemy camps and loot Corn from their farms, they will try to stop you, you have to fight them and defeat them after which the Corn will be yours.

Flint Tribe Barbarian Barracks

Soulmask Flint Tribe Barbarian Barracks
Image via: gamertweak

This location is below Portal 1 on the eastern side of the map.

Fang Tribe Barracks

Soulmask Fang Tribe Barracks
Image via: gamertweak

You will find this camp below Portal (Hill) in the southern part of the map.

Flint Tribe Fortress

Soulmask Flint Tribe Fortress
Image via: gamertweak

You will find Flint Tribe Fortress on the western side of Portal (Wetlands), but before going there you will have to prepare for a tough fight, that is, you will have to keep good weapons and tribesmen with you because fighting enemies in Flint Tribe Fortress will prove to be difficult for you.

These were the locations where you can find Corn.

After getting Corn, you can make a lot of things from it, like by putting Corn in the Grinder, you can get Corn Flour, apart from that if you cook Corn on a campfire, you will get Roasted Corn. Corn can be used as an ingredient to make Blood Crystal on the Mysterious Stone Table, apart from that you can make Llama Feed, Ostrich Feed, and Alpaca Feed by cooking Corn on the Cooking Stove.

In this way you can get Corn in Soulmask game. Did you like the information given in this article? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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